#%*@ Deer!

One of the more frustrating things about gardening is when things don’t go right. Today was one of my days off and I got out in the garden early to try and beat the 90° heat that was on the way.

Walking through the garden I found all of my broccoli and almost all of my cabbage had been eaten by deer. Rrrrrrr! Nothing makes me angrier!

The whole crop is gone and now that they’ve feasted the battle is on to keep them out.

It’s too large an area to fence. Last year we were lucky because our neighbors kept their horses in the pasture and I think the electric fence kept the deer from coming through. The fence isn’t on right now so they must be comfortable.

So I weeded the garden in disgust and waited for my husband to bring some Liquid Fence home. I’m hoping it works while I research more deer repellents.

I also mixed up some Neem to spray all my plants down. The tomatoes have something going on with the leaves. Maybe a fungus. And my eggplant, which were amazing last year, look rather pathetic this year.

It’s all part of the process… the ups and downs of growing your own food.




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