After the frustration of losing most of my cabbage and broccoli crop, Friday turned out to be a great morning in the garden. I went out early to weed the large garden and my kitchen garden. Thankful for the rain the day before so the ground was easy to work.

I have one little cauliflower that has formed. This is an experience. I’ve never grown it before and I hear it’s a persnickety plant. I am using the clothes pin method to pull the large top leaves over the head to blanch it. Supposedly there is not as much risk of water getting trapped with this method, therefore, less chance of the head rotting. I guess we’ll see in a couple weeks if it’s a bust or not!

The herbs are doing very well in the kitchen garden. I harvested a bunch of basil, oregano and parsley to put in the dehydrator and then store them long term. Most of the pepper plants are starting to produce. There’s always a dilemma with the pepper plants…harvest them early before they reach full maturity and their intended colors or let them go until late season and then pick. I figured since I’m growing about 24 plants of different varieties I could pick some early to encourage more production and let some go to full maturity. It’s always fun to see how these decisions work out.

The first twelve squash plants look they are going to produce a ton! I picked a couple small zucchini and yellow straight neck and can’t wait to grill them.

The kale and lettuce are still producing despite a couple really hot days. The temperature here on the Mason Dixon line today, the first day of summer, is only 67 degrees (after a couple in the 90’s this week). I imagine I’ll get a few more harvests if the weather pattern continues this way.

The first round of green beans are up and doing well. Going to plant a few more rows on the next dry day. Watermelon patch appears to be on the verge of taking off. I can’t wait for that to happen!

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently and the celery is loving it! That’s another thing I’ve never grown before and I’m happy to see it working out. Next year I’m definitely planting more of it. I figure if anything I can chop and freeze it for soups, stews and recipes in the off season.

It’s a quiet rainy day. Enjoying time at home. Time to catch up on housework!


Little head of cauliflower 🙂



Not a bad morning harvest. Still have lettuce to pick!


Everything washed and ready to eat or go into the dehydrator for long term storage.


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