Grilled Squash with Feta – Rainy Day Cookout

It’s the first day of summer here on the Mason Dixon line and the temperature hasn’t gotten above 68 degrees. Light rain on and off all day. House cleaned.

My son Michael is home from his first week as a Councilor in Training (CIT) at a Boy Scout camp about an hour away. He gets to come home for a 24 hour leave each Saturday. He is exhausted and all he wanted was “real food” – happy to oblige.

I marinated the zucchini and yellow squash that I harvested yesterday in a Caesar dressing. I also marinated a London Broil in a marinade of onion soup mix, water and some white cooking wine. I let everything marinate all day while cleaning house and catching up with Michael on his week away. His little sister was super excited to have him home 🙂

The rain stopped late this afternoon so grilling wasn’t an issue – thankfully! We had an awesome dinner of grilled London Broil and grilled squash (squash recipe below). We had potatoes and some of my green beans that I canned last year. I decided I was in the mood for a big steak salad made with my lettuce.

I made some pumpkin scones for dessert (and breakfast).

The boy was delighted with his “real food” dinner.

I enjoy these ‘lazy’ days once in a while where we don’t go to our campground and just hang around the house.

***Grilled Squash with Feta***

Slice squash lengthwise and marinate for several hours in Caesar dressing


Grill on low heat for about 5 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of the slices


When you’re finished grilling the squash, put it in a dish and toss with Feta cheese and fresh parsley.



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