Pure Vanilla Extract and Home Made Coffee Creamer

Beautiful Sunday. Went to church and my youngest went home with her grandparents for the night. My husband took my son back to Scout camp for another week.

After church I came home and we planted 9 more rows of green beans. I checked on the rest of the garden and everything is looking good.

I decided to make some pure vanilla extract from Madagascar beans and premium vodka (my sister just gave me the beans in a bottle). In 4-6 months I’ll have pure vanilla extract. And I can continue to add premium vodka as I use it for up to 7 years!


Making pure vanilla extract

After putting the vanilla away in a cool dark spot to cure I decided to make some coffee creamer.

I found a basic recipe that uses 1 3/4 cups of heavy cream (or milk) and a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk. Then you add flavorings. I used 2 tsp of almond extract. Put it all in a mason jar and shook it up. Can’t wait to try this in the morning! I like that it doesn’t have all the chemical ingredients that store bought creamers have and it’s a lot cheaper.


Home made coffee creamer


Can't wait for my morning coffee!


8 thoughts on “Pure Vanilla Extract and Home Made Coffee Creamer

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  2. Great ideas! I have some vanilla beans, which I’ve never done anything with, and vodka! I’m going to try this. Will you please tell me how many vanilla beans you used and how much vodka? Thanks so much!

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