Tomato troubles and camouflaged zucchini

Septoria leaf spot… Almost every one of my 30 tomato plants have it. Most likely a result of the heavy rains we had for a few weeks.

I’d been using Neem as a natural fungicide but my research shows it’s ineffective. So off to the local Mill to purchase a copper based treatment.

My youngest daughter, Sophie, is my garden helper. I pruned each plant to remove all affected leaves and she carried them to the burn barrel to be destroyed. You can’t compost it because the spores will survive and reinfect.

Then I sprayed each plant with the treatment and I’ll repeat in 7 days. I hope it works!

On the bright side… Squash are producing well and I found the first giant hidden zucchini of the season. Not sure how I consistently miss these when I’m out picking! They are masters of camouflage!



4 thoughts on “Tomato troubles and camouflaged zucchini

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your tomatoes 😦 I hope your treatment works. The zucchini looks healthy and delicious though. What do you do with all of your zucchini? I remember growing just a couple of plants back when I had a garden, and I had loads of them!

    • Thanks… I am crossing my fingers on the tomatoes.

      We eat zucchini almost every day lol. I also shred and freeze it for zucchini bread. I’m thinking of dehydrating some this year for soups in the winter.

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