It begins…

We’re just on the edge of the garden ‘exploding’. That time of the season where the fruits of all the labor are beginning to be realized.

My eggplants have come back from the verge of what I thought was certain death. Eight of the twelve look like they’re going to make it and one even  has a tiny eggplant on it.

Lettuce and kale still going strong thanks to the milder than normal temps.

My peppers…holy cow! They’re producing like mad and tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

I’ve decided to try and dry my salsa peppers in the dehydrator. I attempted to air dry some jalapeño peppers last year but they went moldy. Gotta love Maryland humidity.

I’m putting the dehydrator outside to dry the salsa peppers. They are very hot fresh so I can’t imagine the fumes when drying a bunch of them!

It looks like I’ll have green beans within a week so the canning can begin 🙂

The first planting of squash are still producing and the second planting is starting now.

I never tire of eating summer squash.

Here’s a sampling of what was picked yesterday. Tons of squash, peppers and lettuce not pictured. Happy gardener!


Less than half of what was harvested


These babies are HOT!


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