Nice harvest after a week away!

Just coming of a week of vacation. The kids went to the beach with family and my husband and I spent the week at our campground. We did prepare the garden as best as we could for our absence before we left and we stopped home twice during the week to check on it. While at camp we picked a half gallon of wild raspberries that I put into the freezer to make jam with another day.


Wild raspberries were abundant at camp.

So today was the day to get back to business!

The eggplant that I almost gave up for dead are back and beginning to flower! I lost two plants but the other four are doing pretty well.


Eggplant are fighting the good fight!

Watermelon are beginning to grow and there are tons of flowers on the vines – bring it on! That is something I can eat a ton of!


I can’t get enough watermelon.

The first planting of green beans have given me my first harvest. We picked 6 pounds of beans this afternoon. The kids and my mom will snap tomorrow while I’m at work and Tuesday should be a canning day.

The first planting of zucchini and yellow squash are about done but I still have 12 plants from the second planting that are beginning to produce nicely.

While we were camping this week we took the dehydrator with us and dried out a bunch of salsa peppers that I’ll crush up for long term storage.

Here’s a picture of what came out of the garden this afternoon. The mild weather has been kind to my kale and I’m still harvesting it weekly.


Wonderful harvest today!


Back to the routine and reality now as I’m doing tons of laundry and gearing up for the week!


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