Hitting the sauce…

Tomato sauce that is! Pretty cool day. Went to church and then visited a new farm where I met a super sweet lady who I hope will become a canning buddy. More about that in another post.

Came home from the farm and went out to check on the gardens not expecting to pick more than a few peppers. To my surprise the tomato plants that have been seriously underperforming gave me a decent harvest.

So I decided to make some basil garlic sauce. My daughter picked some fresh basil and I got to work.


Fresh basil. One of my favorite smells of summer.


Angry tomato face!


Cooking down tomatoes

Smelling amazing!


Looking good!

My ‘little’ unexpected harvest yielded 8 pints of sauce!



Sitting here listening to some distant thunder, cool breeze blowing and sound of the lids sealing. Content and very blessed!


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