Peaches and Blueberries plus a decent harvest…it’s a good day!

I went and picked more blueberries with a friend today. Gorgeous weather and still great picking. The season started a bit later and our weather pattern has helped sustain them for a while longer than usual. We picked about 13 pounds and they are delicious.

Never enough blueberries!

Never enough blueberries!

After picking I went to another orchard to get seconds of peaches so I will be able to can some. I can’t believe what I got were seconds. They are really beautiful. Still need to ripen a bit and no bruising….not complaining at all! Some of these are the biggest peaches I’ve seen!

Seconds are always cheaper.

Seconds are always cheaper.

This beauty weighed a pound!

This beauty weighed a pound!

Canning them today was out of the question so I decided to try a recipe for blueberry peach bread. I found a recipe that I thought sounded good and used that. You can find it here I tweaked it just a bit by adding a splash of almond flavoring to the batter in addition to the vanilla.



I made a quadruple recipe so I can freeze some loaves – oh my gosh the house smelled amazing while these were in the oven.

The quadruple recipe yielded 5 mini loaves and 6 regular sized loaves of bread.

Mini loaves - is this a single serving?

Mini loaves – is this a single serving?

Full size loaves.

Full size loaves.

Mouth watering...can't wait to try it!

Mouth watering…can’t wait to try it!

This morning I picked a bunch of salsa peppers and some other green peppers and this afternoon I harvested the last of the green beans from the first planting and then pulled the plants to clear space for some kind of fall crop. There were a few tomatoes to harvest as well. Not a bad little harvest today!

Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and green beans.

Cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and green beans.

Can’t wait to can the peaches when they ripen up a bit! Good to have a productive and fun day…



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