Canning meat

I’m beginning to can meats and other foods for the upcoming winter. Some of the forecasters are already talking about weather patterns that could give us another colder and snowier than average winter here in the Northeast.

I canned a little bit of ground beef the other night. Kind of a test run to see what the yield would be.

5 pounds of ground beef gave me three quarts of delicious ready to heat and eat beef.


Lessons learned… Drain and rinse the beef after cooking it next time to get as much grease off as possible.

I canned it in beef broth at 10 pounds pressure for 90 minutes.

Tonight we tried it out as tacos and taco salad and it was delicious. Heated it up in a sauce pan with taco seasoning and it was ready in minutes!

The garden is still giving me tons of peppers and a few tomatoes but it’s winding down. I’m seriously thinking there won’t be a fall crop planting. There is much to do with the soil so we have better harvests next year.



I may have some rabbit to can by the weekend. I’ll be sure to post about that adventure!


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