Canned rabbit…seriously, if you’re vegetarian you won’t want to read.

I stumbled on a local hobby farm recently on Facebook. They are located just a few minutes from my house. I paid them a visit a few weeks ago.

They have wonderful gardens and raise quite a few different animals. I liked Dani, the woman who is the owner of the farm, immediately.

I was particularly interested in the meat rabbits she was raising. I told her I’d be interested in buying some meat to can.

She called me this week and said they were taking a bunch to butcher. I did my homework and asked for about 15 pounds of rabbit.

Dani dropped off the butchered rabbits today. Five of them. So I got to work. I decided to use the method of boiling them to cook them about 2/3 done. Then you de-bone them and pack the meat into jars.


It was a little different working with rabbit but once I got into a rhythm the process went much faster.

Meat rabbits are much different than wild rabbit in the amount of meat that they have. I was really pleased with the meat to bone ratio. Once de-boned it was exactly 1 rabbit per quart jar.


Into the pressure canner for an hour and thirty minutes. And out came 5 quarts of shelf stable meat.

Rabbit can be used in any recipe that calls for chicken. You just have to adjust for the lack of fat in the rabbit.

I did sneak a bit while preparing one and it absolutely did taste just like chicken.

I had wild rabbit as a child but honestly don’t remember how it tasted. This was delicious.

So I’m thinking that next year we can try to raise them for ourselves. That will be the most cost effective way of doing it.


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