Finally…harvested a watermelon.

This growing season has been a challenge. Spring garden was great and lasted much longer than usual. But some of my heat loving plants just didn’t thrive this year.

Last year I was harvesting 1 to 2 watermelons a week. This year the same number of plants has not produced as well. We had 3 rot on the vine before they were ripe leaving us with 2 sugar babies and 2 full size melons in the patch.

Finally tonight I harvested one of the sugar babies hoping that it was ripe….and thankfully it was! I love the sweetness of watermelon and have to really fight to keep myself from eating darn near the whole thing!

Sweet end to summer

Sweet end to summer

After some of the issues this year I decided against a fall garden. Instead we’ll be treating the soil and preparing it for next year in the hopes that we will have a super productive growing season.

In the meantime, I’ll be taking advantage of apple season approaching and then moving on to winter canning of soups and meats and making jams from the frozen berries picked earlier this year.


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