Ham and bean soup

Recently we went in on half a pig that a friend was getting ready to send to butcher. It’s nice to have a freezer full of meat and this half yielded 124 pounds which is awesome!

Last night we enjoyed a delicious ham for dinner. Today I decided to can some ham and bean soup.

I put a big pot of water on and put the ham in to boil down into broth while I started cutting up the vegetables.

My favorite way of making soup is to layer the raw vegetables in the jar.



For this soup I used three kinds of dried beans – lentil, split pea, and navy beans – and then added carrots, celery, and onions.

I cut the ham up into pieces and added it to the jars and poured the broth over it leaving an inch headspace.


For this recipe you process at 10 lbs pressure for 90 minutes. I ended up with 13 quarts of soup which is pretty good.

We could have just eaten the remaining ham on sandwiches and maybe had a second dinner, but instead we have 13 meals that are shelf stable for at least two years.

Happiness in jars!



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