Not in jars…but happiness just the same!

I love the holiday season for many reasons – one of those reasons is cookies. Well for me it’s actually the cookie dough, once they’re baked I really can pass them up. Baking is something I enjoy and like having the opportunity to spoil my family a bit. And I like the opportunity to eat raw cookie dough.

Today I made M&M, chocolate chip cookies. My mom used to make M&M cookies when I was a kid and it’s one that I bake every year. They are funny cookies though. No matter what I do they always seem to get too hard. To me a good cookie needs to stay on the soft & chewy side.

So to Pinterest I went and found a recipe that claims they will stay soft & chewy. The recipe can be found here:


Doubling a recipe is never enough, so I tripled it and it worked out perfectly – using exactly the amount of instant vanilla pudding in the box that this recipe called for!

I resorted to hand mixing the dough because mysteriously one of my beaters to my mixer was MIA today. I mentioned it to my 14 year old son just now and his response of “Oh crap” was priceless – he borrowed it for an art project. He had to draw an object and picked that, lol! My beater that I searched high & low for was in his room….wouldn’t have guessed that!

Anyway, I mixed everything up old school, like my mom used to do. It’s kind of fun and I admit that when I’m completely finished mixing, I lick my fingers!


I got to use my home made vanilla – it’s done curing and it smells sooo good!

Pure vanilla

Pure vanilla

6 dozen cookies are done. And, well….that’s happiness right there, no jar needed!



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