It’s THE day…

Few days of the year are as important as this one. You see, my husband has a love for my chocolate chip cookies that is…well…intense to say the least!

Beginning around the second week of December he will start asking, “When are you making them?” And I’ve learned from 18 years of baking cookies for him, that the timing is very important if I even stand a chance of them making it until Christmas.

So….today is that day. THE day.

There’s a ritual involved and I swear he has a sixth sense when it comes to chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven. That’s what he really looks forward to. Warm cookies right from the oven.

He puts a big glass of milk in the freezer in anticipation. And I begin making the dough. A single recipe won’t do. No, I usually triple it. That’s about 15 dozen cookies.

Today I had him drive our son to a holiday party while I got started. And wouldn’t you know it, he walked back in the door just as the first tray came out of the oven. I’m telling you, it’s freaky!


Warm gooey goodness!

I think the look on his face says it all. Warm cookies, cold milk and sheer joy!


I love this man!

The recipe is nothing special – here it is

Maybe I timed it right this year and they’ll last until Christmas. Either way it’s pure happiness to bake for the man that I love so much!


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