Getting back on track…

Today after church we finished undecorating from Christmas.  I never do it this soon but we’ve got new living room furniture coming on Tuesday which forced me to take the tree down, and well the rest of the stuff just seemed out of place after that.

With all the holiday decor gone it made me realize that it was time to ditch the holiday eating habits too. So I went back to my meal prepping for my lunches and made a big pot of unstuffed cabbage soup for dinner tonight too.

The soup was easy and I didn’t follow any particular recipe.

Here’s what I did:

Ground turkey
Cabbage – one head
1 1/2 quarts chicken broth
2 cans tomato puree (28 oz each)
Bay leaf,  salt & pepper, dill weed, parsley and paprika (all to taste)

I browned the turkey and while that was cooking I heated the chicken broth then added the tomato puree and began bringing the temperature up. I chopped the cabbage up and added that to the pot.  Finished with adding spices and the cooked meat to the broth and brought it to a boil for about a half hour or so.

It was simple and delicious.

Lunch prep was easy too. I got a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and sadly threw the skin away while cutting it all up and putting it in 5 containers.

I cut up a bunch of tiny peppers,  some broccoli and asparagus and sprinkled all of it with some white cooking wine,  lemon, olive oil and some chopped garlic.  I let that sit for a bit to let the flavors mesh.

Then I just sautéed them and added a portion to each container of chicken.

Lunches for the week done!  I feel better when I eat clean. I’m going to be hitting the weights hard in the gym so I will need good fuel. I have some personal strength goals I’m determined to reach this year.

Here’s to good health!


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