Carbon Loading

Pretty cool to see the little girl from across the street grow up and become an awesome farmer and lover of living clean and natural.


photo (7)Check out that action shot.

It’s been two days ago now, that we “re-carbon loaded” our stalls. I don’t know if that is a word or if I made it up. The concept is basic, and it works.

The chickens move inside the barn during winter months. They aren’t able to forage like they do in spring, summer, even fall; but warmth and security takes precedent. And we are able to house them and continue to get eggs successfully do to our “carbon-loading” practice.

This means bringing in new carbon to put on the floor of the stall.

photo (12)

Wood chips.

New carbon: wood chips, compost from your kitchen, decaying matter from last year’s garden, or fresh greens if you really have the time and patience to collect it for your birds.

There are many reasons for carbon loading…

1-When providing kitchen compost or garden matter, it gives the birds variety…

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