Progress and first harvest!

After a week of rain it was good to get outside and get my feet in the dirt.

The rain was much needed and my vegetables are very happy – I think the weeds were happier though!

It took four hours to weed and there’s still work to be done in the melon patch. I can’t imagine how long it would take if we didn’t have the weed cloth in most of the big garden.

I’m starting to see progress and I’m thrilled! Tomatoes are looking good for the most part. Some are beginning to bloom.


First tomato blooms.

The first five rows of green beans are up. So thankful that the seeds were established enough that the torrential rain didn’t wash them up last Monday.


Green beans.

I’m battling some kind of bug on my eggplants again. I’ll be mixing up some Neem and spraying tomorrow. Other than that the squash look fantastic, cucumbers and potatoes are growing nicely, peppers are thriving, and my herbs are looking great!


Squash bloom, one of my fav summertime veggies.






The first harvest was a basket of kale and some chives. I’ll take that!


More work to be done tomorrow but I know the hard work will pay off in the end. Thankful I’m physically able to do what it takes and provide good food for my family!





2 thoughts on “Progress and first harvest!

  1. Looks great! We’re getting some green tomatoes, strawberries, tiny tiny eggplants, and a whole bunch of thyme and parsley here.

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