Thankful for the rain.

We had days of rain last week.  Finally had the chance to get out and enjoy a little sun and work in the gardens.

Friday I spent 7 hours weeding and tending to the gardens. I laid straw in the kitchen garden after clearing it of weeds. I’m hoping that will keep them controlled. I was happy when Joe got home to help. It was a lot of hard work.


The kale is producing nicely and I harvested another basket full. There was also some thyme, sage and basil ready to be cut.


I’m excited to see the first cherry tomatoes and jalapeño peppers forming. It’s hard to explain the happiness my gardens bring me.



The big garden looks pretty good.  Found some pests in the potato crop but we’ve taken care of them hopefully.

Otherwise the tomato plants are getting big, green beans are up, watermelon plants are spreading out, bell peppers are flowering, cucumbers look healthy, and the first yellow squash are growing.





My only disappointment is the eggplants. Three years ago we had a bumper crop. Last year and this year they just aren’t growing.

I’m anxious to start getting more fresh vegetables from the back yard and getting to some serious canning!


2 thoughts on “Thankful for the rain.

  1. I certainly can relate to feeling pleasure from a garden– seeing things sprout , grow and flower. Your veggies are a bit ahead of mine overall but I have just cooked up a couple of pounds of kale and spinach. 😀

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