Colorado potato beetle – 1, me – well…

So I’ve been battling the Colorado potato beetle for over a month now. They are ao destructive! I tried plucking them off and drowning them in soapy water. But with numbers in the hundreds that was futile. I used a dust, several times. Yeah, they’re resistant to pesticides too.

We were away for a few days last week camping. Checked the garden mid week and had lush potato plants. No signs of larvae. Came back Sunday to nearly all three rows of potato plants decimated.

I’m tired of fighting them. Don’t want to use any more pesticides in my garden. I gave up and my husband pulled all the potato plants up tonight and burned them.

The up side?  We had a few potatoes that we harvested. I’m thinking that I’ll can them up with some green beans that I’ll be picking tomorrow.


Sometimes the garden doesn’t seem worth it. We lost half our green beans to a groundhog and the tomatoes are showing signs of blight from all the rain.

But then I spend time canning and realize just how much I love gardening and preserving my own food.


So for now I’ll keep looking at the bright side and finding happiness in jars.



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