Cheering for my green beans!

Five rows of beans are all that we have left after the groundhog destroyed the other six rows! I’m praying we get a decent yield from these otherwise I’ll be calling on one of my farmer friends to make up the difference.


We picked about aeven pounds of beans Wednesday evening. Thank God for my mom and youngest daughter.  They snapped them all while I was at work yesterday so getting them in the canner this morning was a breeze.

I  always dread jars breaking when I can. This morning I lucked out. The first jar I lowered into the canner cracked immediately upon hitting the water. A clean break where the bottom comes off so I was able to salvage the beans, put them into another jar and finish getting them all in.

Fingers crossed that there’s no more breakage!

We’re in for a few rain free, gorgeous days and I’m hoping to harvest more beans. Also, anxiously waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. The vines are loaded with green tomatoes and I desperately need to make some more sauce this year!

Happy canning!


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