Millions of peaches, peaches for me!

Yesterday was peach day at my house. Thankful for a hard working friend who made the work load lighter and the day much better. I love canning with a buddy!

I’m always surprised at how much I can get from a bushel of peaches.

We decided on peaches canned in water not syrup and peach vanilla jam.

Peaches are one of the stickiest things to can for sure but they’re so worth it!



This is the result of twelve hours in the kitchen (with peaches to spare for eating of course)!

14 quarts of sliced peaches, 15 jars of jam, 7 pints of peach pancake syrup and 4 quarts of peach juice!

The pancake syrup was a result of wasting nothing from the peaches. I cooked the peels and pits down and strained them through a sieve to get just over 10 quarts of peach juice.




I found a recipe for apple syrup in my Ball canning book and followed that recipe as a guide.

And no peach day would be complete without some kind of dessert. This morning I got up and made a peach upside down cake for my husband’s birthday.

So glad that twenty years ago a draft friend introduced me to canning peaches. It’s a labor of love.


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