Meal prepping 

I’m dying to do some canning and really missing my gardens this year. Taking a year off to rest the soil is necessary but I honestly don’t know what to do with myself. 

I’m kind of grateful that I decided to get serious about my health and work with a nutritionist. The key to success is not only my commitment to working out, but my commitment to preparing all my meals for the week so I have no excuses.

I love to cook and this gives me my fix. 

So this is what Sunday evening looked like in my kitchen. I grilled a bunch of chicken, fish, and vegetables for the week. 

I really like the inexpensive charcoal grill I picked up at the beginning of the summer. To me the food just tastes better. 

Wasn’t sure how the tilapia would turn out….it’s perfect!

While I was grilling everything I also made dinner. Taco stuffed zucchini. Super easy and really delicious!

So when everything was finished grilling I ended up with this…

This should hold me until the end of the week and will most definitely fuel my workouts at the gym!


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