Peaches…perfect summer fruit.

I love fruit. But there is something so perfect about a big, juicy peach that no other summer fruit can compare. Today was peach day at my house. I arrived at the orchard when they opened to get a bushel and a half of seconds for canning and baking.

Thankfully I had the help of a dear friend for the majority of the day, because although I love peaches, they are a royal pain to work with!


I had hoped to get at least 3 canner loads done today but fell short. I managed to get 14 quarts done with the help of my friend. She’s my right hand and I’m so grateful for her and our friendship. Only two jars cracked today when I put them in the canner and we’ve gotten pretty good about getting them out fast and salvaging the contents.


I had also wanted to get some pies done to freeze and bake later – managed to get 4 pies done before moving on to cobbler.


There is nothing, and I mean nothing, better than the smell of cobbler baking in the oven. I’m still working with my nutritionist and it’s off limits for me right now, but I made some anyway. I kept it to only two since eating them fresh and not frozen is the best. I picked up some butter pecan ice cream for my husband last night…I imagine that will be delicious on a piece of warm cobbler.


I kept a bowl of peaches aside for just eating and imagine I’ll make another run to the orchard before the end of the glorious peach season is over.


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