The Produce Fairy 

My husband arrived home before me yesterday to find a box of tomatoes and a bunch of cucumbers and peppers.

We had no idea who had left such a nice surprise and it took us a while to figure out it was our neighbor. 

I’m so thankful to live in a small town with great neighbors!

So today all other plans took the backseat to making tomato sauce. I used all the gifted tomatoes and the ones that I froze from our garden last year.

I was happy to have my Ninja blender this year to speed up the process of cooking down the tomatoes.

There were lots of frozen yellow tomatoes from our garden last year so the sauce was a pretty light color when I  added the red tomatoes from our neighbor.

It made a LOT more sauce than I thought and I’m super thankful!

I make a plain sauce that resembles crushed tomatoes more than anything. It’s much more versatile. You can add paste and make it for pasta, use it as a soup base, or in other recipes.

I was able to get 17 pints and 4 quarts canned today!

It was a good day to can!


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