“Apple Day”

And then there is that day when all around,
all around you hear the dropping of the apples, one
by one, from the trees. At first it is one here and one there,
and then it is three and then it is four and then nine and
twenty, until the apples plummet like rain, fall like horse hoofs 
in the soft, darkening grass, and you are the last apple on the
tree; and you wait for the wind to work you slowly free from 
your hold upon the sky, and drop you down and down. Long 
before you hit the grass you will have forgotten there ever 
was a tree, or other apples, or a summer, or green grass below,
You will fall in darkness…

~ Ray Bradbury
This morning started out crisp and cold, a perfect day to visit the orchard and get some apples, pumpkins and mums.

“Apple day” is one of my favorite canning days. I am fortunate to have a friend that will come join me in the work and offer great company. She’s truly a special friend that I have come to love. 

Today we managed to get a few jars of applesauce made before her beautiful baby was done with the whole thing and they had to get home. 

We made sugar free sauce with cinnamon. It’s really very good!

This evening my husband, God love him, helped me peel and slice a bunch of apples to make some pies. 

I made four caramel apple pies and two traditional apple pies.

I’ve become a big fan of freezing the pies unbaked and then just popping them in the oven when in the mood for a sweet treat and for the house to smell amazing.

Two caramel apple pies went in the oven for a couple dear friends to get.

There’s still quite a few apples left so more pies are in the plans for later this week!


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