Homemade chocolate syrup

A little bit of snow has fallen today. Our temperature is cold with the wind chill making it feel like 8°.

On days like today I look for stuff to keep me busy. Went to the gym and had a great long workout and then came home and decided to try a new recipe.

I saw a recipe for chocolate syrup and decided to make some for the kids. They go through Hershey’s syrup like it’s water and it’s just so expensive. 

This syrup was super easy to make and didn’t require many ingredients. It was all stuff I had on hand. 

It took less than twenty minutes to prepare it and it tastes like what you buy in the store. 

It is a good but thinner than store bought syrup but I think a little cornstarch would remedy that. 

Here’s the recipe I used Hershey’s knock off syrup.


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