Wild violet jelly

My youngest daughter loved when I made this jelly last year and we were just talking about it the other day when we were camping.

She is a great helper and was willing to go pick the violets from the yard so I could make some. It’s a cool and rainy day here which to me always seems like the best time to make jelly.

I steeped the flowers for 24 hours and then strained the liquid through cheesecloth. I refrigerated it overnight so I could make it today.

I used a new recipe this year and I’m hoping it sets. If not it won’t be the first time I’ve had to process jelly over. Here’s the recipe I used violetjelly.

We found that it’s particularly good on biscuits so I made a batch today in hopes that it is a success!

My daughter just sampled a biscuit and gave them a thumbs up. Here is the recipe for them easy drop biscuits.


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